Occupational Therapy

We at Sunflowers Child Development Center offers assessment and treatment services in occupational therapy for the rehabilitation of adults and children who might be facing  developmental challenges, through the preparation of a set of activities for those with special needs, and those with developmental challenges.
Occupational Therapy aims to help the child, or person reach advanced stages that’ll enable them to be highly self-reliant, independent and capable of performing normal activities and functions.
Occupational Therapy also aims to improve the child’s abilities, regardless of their disability, improve current skills, and overcoming deficiencies resultant from said disability. This leads to a
level of independence in the performance of daily life tasks such as eating, drinking, taking care of ones’ personal needs and a high level of self-reliance; all of which contributes significantly
iin the development of mental and cognitive skills, as well as various play skills in the child.

Cases handled by occupational therapists include:

• Children suffering from developmental delays and disorders that interfere with their motor, cognitive and sensory performances.
• Children suffering from specific challenges that interfere with their functional, coordination, and motor abilities.
• Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder
• Adults whose abilities were impaired through an accident, medical interventions, or  chronic illnesses. 
• Elders whose functional abilities have been impaired.
• Children and adults suffering from psychological disabilities that interfere with their daily functioning.